Spiritual workout: heart weights

I was hoping to post every weekday, but it seems things have gotten away from me. Here are a few things weighing on my heart at the moment.

Heaven on earth:

If I have the Holy Spirit working in me, and the Holy Spirit is from God the Father and God the Son, doesn’t that make me a representation of heaven on earth? Shouldn’t my every word and action be a continuation of what Jesus did here on earth? How do I allow the “clouds” of my life block the Son from shining through?

Love other MORE than self:

Selflessness. to love others more than self. Denying yourself to make sure other know they are loved. Not giving people what they want, but what they need. Even when it cause strife to your relationship. Being a people pleaser is hard when it come to loving people. People pleasers do not want conflict. They want everyone to be happy. Sometimes to be loved, we will not be happy. When people tell us a truth about us that makes us re-evaluate ourselves. That is not a “happy” place, but it should wake us up to the fact that this person truly loves me.

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