Lead or Push

As a parent I was taught by my children that they learned better when I lead them instead of pushing them. If there was an important life lesson for them to experience, I attempted to push the lesson down their sweet adorable throats. The result was they choked on the lesson and did not learn a thing. As my development continued I learned that we all learn better when lead rather than being pushed. We all have those family members that we have attempted to push into the responsible person we want them to be. No matter how many times we attempt the same approach over and over we get the same result, they do not change. Might I suggest a different approach, lead them out.

Leading is also more difficult at times. Leading may require them to fail without you coming to the rescue. You help them find their own way out, with love and patience. This is not a new way of teaching, and it is not listed in the best practices. I wish I could take credit for it but this method is modeled after a Good Shepherd that leads me beside still waters, and in the paths of righteousness. So try being a leader and not a pusher. It is still a challenge for me.

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