Putting God in a box

So that we can make sure everything is accomplish everyday, we tend to compartmentalize items we have to do or a better way to say it is we put things in their “box” until we have completed them.

Let’s look at the story of David and the box he had the privilege to carry. This “box” was the Ark of the Covenant, that the Jewish people had been moving it every time they moved to a new location. David decided it was time for the Ark of the Covenant to have a permanent location and not continue to be moved from place to place. God gave him plans for a temple to house the Ark. Eventually , David’s son Solomon built the temple.

They created a room in the temple called the Holy of Holies where the Ark was placed. King Solomon and the priests of that day might have thought that this room would contain God. On the day the temple was dedicated, they found out God could not be contained. In scripture it says, “His spirit was so strong, and His glory was like a thick cloud”, so thick that the priest had to remove himself from the room.

Have we convinced ourselves that God can be contained in a box? Perhaps the box called church. Some might think that if we just keep God inside the four walls of church, we have met our obligation to him. That maybe He should be left in the “box” until next weekend. Some also think that we can bring God with us if we keep Him contained in a box in our mind. If we can say we thought of Him, we have done what is required of us to complete that “box” for the day.

Here is a challenge for you. Do more than just attend Church on or say a prayer before bed. Let God break down the walls of your “box” like the day the priest experienced His glory when dedicating the temple. Let His spirit in you, be felt by everyone you encounter daily.

2 Chronicles chapter 5 & 6 KJV

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