Flying lessons

Does a butterfly remember what it was like as a caterpillar? That is a question that was recently asked. A butterfly can cover a distance in seconds that use to take days. A butterfly is a desired guest in a garden, unlike its previous form. Once it has finally taken flight it is free to take new and exciting journeys. While in flight it can look at life from all angles, unlike a caterpillar. Finally, I have never seen a butterfly caring a cocoon. Why would it want to remember?

As people we change from infants to adults. It is a slower process, but the physical process will occur. Many of us fight to carry our cocoons through life. The issue of keeping the cocoon is not physical, but spiritual and emotional. We see the cocoon as safe. If you really want to take flight, here are some tools that will help. Vision, Hope, Forgiveness, Love and Freedom. Take flight, it is what God created you to do.

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