Daily, I am a wanton man

I am a wanton man.

Born a sinner with pride and selfishness in my heart. Of my own accord, I would only do things that profit me. Lie, cheat, steal, and even murder, if left to my own selfishness.

Then something amazing happened. I was introduced to a man who loved me without fail. He cares so very deeply for me that I can feel the pains in His heart when I fail to love others. Though I have never seen Him in person, I have felt Him in the depths on my soul. Sensing his moving in the core of who I am, not who I was. Today, I am a new man. Today, I claim the cross of Jesus. Tomorrow I will have to claim this all over, but Today, He is my savior.

Praise God for a savior who can strengthen me and can help me to live for others instead of for self.

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