The wants of a sheep

My sheep hear my voice, says the Lord;
I know them, and they follow me. John 10:27

I read this recently, and I thought I would review it a little.

“My sheep hear my voice” – From a shepherding standpoint, a flock of sheep when called by their shepherd will obey the commands they hear. If another shepherd tries to command them, it is as if they have gone deaf and do not hear the commands. We are called to act the same way and only have ears for our shepherd. How often do we turn from our shepherd and listen to another shepherd’s commands only to go down a path our shepherd never intended to send us?

“I know them” – The shepherd knows the sheep; knows the behavior and well being of each sheep. Our shepherd knows the struggles we go through. He has seen and lived the pains that we have seen and lived. He became flesh so that we could know He is not a distant God. He knows the pain. He knows the suffering. He also knows the joys!

“and they follow me” – It is not enough to hear the commands of the Lord. We must follow Him, forgetting our pride and the things we want. He is a good shepherd and has sacrificed Himself for His flock. Can I follow Him and sacrifice my wants for others today?

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