Oh, how I miss that place.

There is this place that I want to go. I have been there before. It is one of the greatest place I have ever been. It seems, I get too busy to go or things get in the way. I decide not to go or I decide it is not as important as I once made I out to be.

This place puts me at complete peace. When I go there, I treat other people around me better. Troubles do not seem to bother me at all during those times I visit this place.

You might ask where is this place? It is in a closet in my basement where I used to spend time with God. Allowing Him to change me into the person he would like me to be. Showing me how important other people are based on the fact that He loves them. ALL of them!

What has stopped you from your sacred place? Even if you are not a believer, do you spend some downtime away from others? Time to meditate and recharge?

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