This little light.

When I was young I dreamed of being a rich man. I thought of all the things I would buy, all the places I would go and the things I would do. I make a fairly decent living on a healthy income, I have travelled the world and have been on every continent except one ( One day, Antarctica one day ). I have done some pretty incredible things including, Running the Olympic torch, serving my country as a Marine, Preaching to a very large group of pastors in Africa, fathering 4 amazing children, and marrying a saint (she has to be a saint , she puts up with me).

But today, it is very clear to me all of this is considered rubbish if I have not Love for my God. This love for my God is/should be evident by me loving what God loves. “What does God love?”, you might ask. He loves everyone. EVERYONE! Those who hate Him, He Loves. Those who believe in Him, He Loves. Those who seek Him, He Loves. Those who turn from Him, He Loves. How do I get that Kind of love for others?

Some might get tired of reading about this topic, as I talk about it a lot. Here’s a secret, I have been struggling with this so I need to talk about it a lot. I need to be better at Loving others, because that is what my heavenly Father does. I need to be kind to love those who hate me, because that is what my heavenly Father does.

Fortunately, a bright light shines in me. Will I put it up for all to find the path of righteousness or will I cover it up and allow those around me to suffer? I need to be a blessing to all the people put in my life for various reasons. As a christian, my belief is that one day I will stand before my maker and be asked the question, How was your life spent? How will I answer? ” I accepted forgiveness and had none for others” or ” I was a lantern that allowed my light to be seen by all who passed me in the darkness.”

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