Failure to …

We all fail at something. Failure to stay on track. Failure to yield the right of way. Failure to acknowledge other people. Failure to eat healthy. Failure to listen to good advise.

I fail at things just about everyday, but the thing I fail at that concerns me the most is the failure to love others as myself. It’s not a constant failure, but it is a painful one each time it transpires.

I need to adjust my thoughts and be mindful that these failure do not happen too often. And when they do happen I need to ask for forgiveness. I need to love others enough to ask forgiveness when I do happen to fail. This love is for ALL, not just people that I like. Love ALL, even if they hate me. Love ALL, even if I do not care to be around them. ALL is a pretty big word, huh?

Who have you failed today?

How can I help?

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