Off center

Sometime, as a Christian, I wonder why I go down a path that I should not have gone. Or do something that I should not have done. I sit and I wallow in the poor choices and tend to look for blame in others. If I would stop for just a second and look at the recent events in my life, I usually find the source.


I put myself in the center. The “I” becomes more important than the “we” or “Him”. When I am deceived to think that I am the center of it all. I forget to love others. I forget to love God. I am in a state of constantly need to defend myself. I live in an unreal existence in a world where I am the center.

Bishop Robert Barron said it this way, “The basic reality now becomes rivalry, competition, violence, and mistrust.”

That is where I live when I am the center.

Are you the center of your Universe today? How’s that working out?

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