A day of thanks

Hear now, all you who fear God,
while I declare what he has done for me. Psalms 66:16

He has given me a wonderful wife and 4 amazing children. He has given me a Mother and Father who love me. He gave me 4 older siblings for me to love. He gave me a job and a home. He gave me lots of spiritual siblings I call friends. He gave me the heart to encourage and help others. He gave me a mind to think of others. He gave me an understanding of computers and food. He gave me an addictive personality. He allows obstacles that I must overcome through His power. He puts me in the face of frustration so that we may overcome them so I can grow closer to Him. He gave me an allergy to Carba mix (in most shoes and rubber products) so that I know remember I am human. He gave me a passion to enjoy process and organization and a limit on my ability to make them happen. He has given me His words to study and understand and a tongue to ask when I do not.

He has allowed sin in my life and delivered a savior into the world to save me.

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