Who are you?

This is an excellent question. Who are you? Have you ever sat mindfully and answered that question?

I am am a banker or a manager or a customer service rep, is not the answer. Those are things we do. I am a wife a husband or grand mother/father, those are stations in life not who you are.

You are a beautifully created being that is unique. There has never been a you before and when you are gone there will never be another you. You may have similarities with others but your combination of “things” makes you very unique.

As unique as we are we are all made for the same purpose to love and honor a living God. The fun part about this is the “things” that make you unique are the things you use to love and honor God in a way that only you can do. ‘So how do I love and honor God in my daily life?”, one might ask. You use the uniqueness of you to love other people around you.

The challenge today is to think about the “things” that make you, well you. Use those things to show other people you love them. Here is the catch, sometimes you will need to let go of the “you thing” to show someone else you love them.


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