digital revolution

Have we lost our humanity. We are connected to more people than ever with the technology we have, but are we loosing emotions and human responses because of High Tech?

In an age where more people than ever suffer from depression and anxiety we have to look at the limited human contact and interaction we are exposed to as a potential source of the issue.

When was the last time you went to a park without your cell phone or played a 2 hour board game in person without technology in the mix?

When you go to enjoy someone’s company do you look at your phone more than the face of the person you are accompanying?


Pick a day to get away tech. Collect the TV remotes, ipads, laptop, and most importantly the cell phones. Unplug your router that connects you to the internet. Now, go enjoy everyones company in your house. Read books together, play games together, but do not forget to hold hands, hug and give physical contact.

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