Even the cookies cry out

I recently opened a fortune cookie that said, soon you will travel and come into great wealth. Today I am at a conference for work and during my morning quite time I listened to a sermon. It was about wisdom.

It was the story about the Rich man that ran up to Jesus and ask what he must do to inherit eternal life. To this Jesus eventually told him to sell everything he had and follow Him. The young man walked away sad and did not follow Jesus because he had a lot of worldly possessions.

Jesus in essence was telling this young man seek first God, but the man would not let go of his possessions. This verse comes to mind. “If today you hear his voice, harden not your hearts.”

Riches in themselves are not a bad thing, but without God’s wisdom to know what and how to use them properly, they are a negative force in your life. They will pull you away from a relationship with God.

Today the fortune cookie was fulfilled. I am traveling and I come upon great wealth as I ask God to provide me with His wisdom.

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