Being mindful of self, or being mindful of Christ.

I had started a practice of being mindful to slow down and take individual moments and slow them down in hyper-observation. Such as breathing or eating a piece of fruit. Just to live in the moment without outside distractions and slow my mind and gain “control”. There is no control I can gain. I do not posses the strength or power to do this, but God does. He gives me His power to control, but not when I am focusing on me. If I will just slow down and be calm in His presences He will usually show me a new side of Himself or allow me to hear Him more clearly.

Today I realized this is a great practice, as long as it is focused on God and not me. It is when I focus on me that things start to get out of wack. I do not need to focus on self awareness, but instead focus on Christ during those times. Meditating on the Words I read or the horrific death of my savior.

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