Broken shell

Due to the affliction of being human, we all start out with a heart that is encrusted with a hard outer shell. Kind of like the dipped ice cream cones at Dairy Queen, except the shell is a bitter and vile coating on our hearts not a sweet, sugary shell.

This shell blocks the heart from connecting to the things it should connect to. Instead of loving God and others, we love self. We display self pity and lift ourselves above our rightful place. We sing praise such as “Whoa is me” and “I have been wronged”, when we should be singing “How can you use this Lord” or “Teach me to love You and others in this”.

Today I ask God to break this vile coating from my heart, so that it can connect to His purpose. I beg you to use me today God, to walk where You would walk, speak as You would speak, love as You would love.

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