Grow where you are planted

Have you ever allowed a section of your yard or garden to just grow wild? Letting what ever pops up just continue to grow. What we might see as chaos, is actually a beautiful symphony of choices by nature. I have been blessed by doing this with pumpkins, watermelons and other seeds that happened to fall on the ground and grow “wild”.

Our lives are Just as these seeds that had no choice where they were planted. We do not choose our families or some of the circumstances we find ourselves in, but do not be too hasty to remove yourself from what seems to be a bad situation. The place you have been “planted” might be the one thing needed to help you grow to the next level in your life.

Be always mindful of God’s presence and He will let you know why He has you in the circumstances He places you. It might take years to understand, but wait on the Lord. He knows what He is doing.

Be blessed today, but more important be a blessing.

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