What have I been called to? Where would God have me focus? Where are my leaders? Where are those I am to lead? How can I continue in this troubled I am facing?

We sometimes ask way too many questions. We sometime think more highly of ourselves than we should.

Do you want to know your calling or where God would have you focus?

Jesus clearly states our purpose in what He called the greatest 2 commandments, Love God and Love others. Think of what he said to Peter. He asks, “Do you Love me?”. Followed by what He wants us to do … take care of and feed my sheep.

Where are your leaders? where will you lead?

Jesus Christ is your leader. He is your guiding light. If you are seeking to be a leader you have missed the point. Christ in you leads other through you. You do not lead at all. Stop putting yourself first.

Trouble you are facing?

Other than being being scourged and hung on a cross, Christ took the pain of every sin, past present and future, on himself. If you believe your trouble is beyond those things, then you might need to evaluate your faith and focus on Him.

Are these words harsh to you?

This is a conversation I am having with myself. If you felt challenged by the statements, then He needed you to hear it as much as I needed to hear it.

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