Working Remote

Sitting in my living room this morning, having my coffee and working remote. A thought dawned on me. Some jobs allow us to work remote via an internet connection and in some cases a VPN (Virtual Private Network). The VPN is a secure tunnel, so to speak, from my house to my companies office. This allows me to have secure access to the network and resources on my companies network. It is as if I am in the office.

Now think of it as a relationship with Christ. As a christian I am working remote everyday. The Holy Spirit is my “VPN” to the Father and Son. I have access to everything they have to offer. I just have to make the connection. “How is that done?”, one might ask. By letting go of selfishness or dying to self, we make the connection to full power, love and grace of the living God.

What do you think? Are you connecting to the God of the universe by letting go of yourself?

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