I have been hurt by others. Most of the time this hurt is not the intent of the other person, or they don’t know they have hurt me at all. I change my thoughts about that person and start to treat them differently. Sometimes I even change my beliefs or behaviors, based on other peoples actions.

This is not the vision of how we as human beings should act towards each other. People make mistakes and we are to forgive them. People have different view points, but that does not make them any more “evil” then me.

I have stopped going to church, because of my “prejudice” or misconception of other people. I was called to be a social being. Social situations sometimes get messy or do not follow my concept of a “good” social interaction. I should not let my thoughts of others get in the way of loving them where they are.

This blog and my daily interactions have become my “church”, but I hear the calling to return to a group of folks who are on the journey.

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