Life of a spider

Have you ever thought about the life of a spider? Most folks just want them to not exist. For a moment, imagine what a spider’s life is like. Every time they get their web set and neat, something or someone comes along and destroys it. Their work starts all over again to repair the destruction that was just done. This process can occur several times a day. Faithfully each time they return to fix their web. In the human world it reminds me of the endless stack of laundry or living with teenagers.

What about you? Do you have the strength and fortitude to keep working on the web of issues around you? Most of us just manage our mess and hope it does not become unmanageable. Just a suggestion, do not look at the mountain of issues. Choose one at a time. Pray about it, and move forward with the help of your Creator to recreate it into a thing of beauty.

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