A test of death

Here is a little test. Think of something you value very dearly. I would even say you value this item/pastime/habit more than any thing else you can think of in life. Something that takes a fair share of your time, which you gladly give because you are extremely happy when you are engaged with this item of value, or relationship.

Now imagine you have to give it up for someone else. To actually stop doing this thing or never see this person or item again, ever.

This is a hard topic to think about isn’t it? God asks us to do this everyday. Die daily ( to your stuff ) so that Christ might live abundantly through us. I cannot love others the way they need to be loved, but Christ in me can do all things.

What if you have to choose between Christ and “your stuff”? Would you choose Christ? Consider your valued item/relationship again. Could you fast from it for 3 days? Give the time to God

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