Peace in adversity

This is a facebook post from a friend of mine. I really love the reliance on God that is shared.

“So many of you know that we were going to be moving to Pace, FL at the end of this month. Not anymore.

The story goes like this…

We actually were under contract on a brand new home being built right now in Pace. We didn’t tell anyone because we wanted to wait and post pictures of the newly built house and brag that we are first time home owners! Everything was moving along smoothly and we were starting the closing process with our mortgage loan officer.

This past Thursday, May 31st, at 3:50 PM (my husband’s work day ended at 4), his boss called him up and told him that as of that moment, his employment was effectively terminated.

This was a shock in that it caused us to lose the contract on the house in Pace… but if there’s one thing I know, God has His hand in all things related to those who have faithful relationships with Him. Amidst all of it, AJ and I both truly had that peace that doesn’t and shouldn’t make sense in circumstances like these. Over these last few days, God has truly brought Romans 8:28 right off of the page of the Bible and manifested it right into our lives!

I’m not going into any details yet but God is working and we’re excited to see what comes next! It’s gonna be big!!

Stay tuned, everyone!”

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