Then God's voice

I sense the frustration of life and relationships creeping into my soul. Even when I try to be patient and work towards what the Lord would have me do, the frustration builds to a climactic level and just wants to explode. Every word starts to build the wall bigger and the choked down temper creates a hot burning coal in my heart. Blood pressure does through the roof and my head goes numb.

This is not where I want to be, this is not what I want.


Silly child, this is exactly where I need you. If life and other people are frustrating you, then there is injustice and suffering. I called you to be in the midst of this to grow you and give you compassion for those who are suffering. To help others to see the only justice in this world is my justice. Let not your heart be troubled. Be at rest with Me! If you would just let go and forget those words, “I want”, you would see how light your burden has become. Those burdens are mine to deal with.

You are my vessel filled with my Love. Filled to overflowing that you may share with others, but only if you stop “I want”ing!

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