Phrases for living

Recently I have been contemplating a few phrases that seems to sum up the ideas that I need to live my life.

“Love one another” – to always remind me to deny myself and love those in need. Do you know who is in need? EVERYONE

“The Kingdom of God is at hand” – to remind me that He is an ever present God and His Kingdom reigns forever.

“Come, Holy Spirit” – to humble myself by asking for the spirit to come and intervene on my behalf. Especially when I lack the ability to “Love one another”

“Thy will be done” – God’s will is going to be done with or with out this statement. I am but a servant, and this statement helps me accept this fact and put the power where it belongs, in His hands.

I think these pretty much sum up what i need to live and remain in my faith.

What are some statements that you use?

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