Go to the source

One of the current desires today is for people to go to the source of many things in life. An example is with our foods. We not only desire to know the farm but also the method of how it was produced. This time of year I reflect back to Holidays with my extended family. Yes, there was food, but there was also gratitude for all we had. One cousin asked why we said thanks before the meal. The reply was that we will not be as thankful for dirty dishes as we are for full ones.

We are blessed people and often do not realize how blessed we are. At the time I write this article many people have lost all or some of what they have worked all their lives to gain. It is said that gratitude is easier to realize in times of want, than in times of plenty. Being “much obliged” as my grandfather use to say, must not only be expressed, it also needs to be taught. So look around, what is the real source of your blessings?

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