Pastime detecting – finding buried treasures

Recently, a friend asked me to go metal detecting with him. We went to spot where an old home had once been standing. Our main goal, for this hunt, was to find old coins There were old pull tabs, coke bottle caps, door latches and just about everywhere we dug we found lots of rusted nails. We eventually found 3 copper pennies and a marble. No, the marble was not metal detected, but we found it digging up another item.

Every time we dug something up we discussed the potential of who could have owned the item, how long it had been there or how they had been misplaced in the first place. I enjoyed finding the treasures, even the nails were an interesting find to me. Each item had its own story that I was able to pursue in my mind, like the story of the marble. We found it where the front yard would have been for the old farm house. In my mind, I could see 3 or 4 children drawing out a circle in the dirt on a hot summer day. Then, taking their marble bags out they started a marble battle. Their mother called them to lunch and as they hurried to pack away their marbles, one was pushed away in the shuffle and was lost. Now that item is found after potentially decades.

This makes me think about the “treasures” we seem to have buried in ourselves. Things we used to enjoy doing or even the things we do not know we enjoy because we have never done them. Listening to my friend talk about metal detecting, which is one of his favorite pastimes, sparked an interest in me. I think I would like to get my own metal detector and start pursuing it as a pastime.

I am challenging myself to do the same for other people, by inviting them to share a old or new pastime with me. I know, God put us together very differently, and we enjoy different things. Regardless of this fact, we need to share our experiences with others, if for no other reason to have some time in fellowship. I would venture to say, if you share your passion enough you will spark the same interest in other people.

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