Filled with emptiness

I personally feel kind of empty these days. This might have to do with my lack of denying my own aspirations and serving others instead . I am not saying to give up on your dreams. I am saying, do not gain your dreams on the backs of others. Sometimes giving back gets you to the right mindset to achieve the goals and aspirations you feel lead to accomplish.

Counter intuitive as it sounds, when you release your hopes and aspirations to help someone else see their “fulfillment “, you are filled to the top of your capacity and able to move forward. Some might say you will be overflowing at this point. This overflowing you experience provides a source to continue to help even others see their fulfillment. Giving you an unending supply of fullness to yourself and others around you.

How can I focus on others today to help them achieve their goals? What do I have to give up or put on hold for now?

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